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Конспекти по английски език 




1.     a/an, the

2.     Plurals

3.     Pronouns

4.     The verb to be- present tense(affirmative, negative, interrogative, short answers)

5.     There is/there are

6.     Have got/ have

7.     Countable & uncountable nouns; quantifiers

8.     Prepositions of time, place and movement

9.     Adjectives- order of adjectives , comparatives/superlatives

10.  Present simple

11.  Present continuous

12.  Past simple

13.  Past continuous

14.  Used to

15.  Present perfect

16.  Present perfect continuous

17.  Past perfect simple / continuous

18.  Past perfect simple / continuous

19.  Future forms

20.  Modal verbs

21.  -ing/          infinitive forms

22.  Phrasal verbs

23.  Question tags

24.  The             passive

25.  Conditionals, wishes

26.  Reported speech

27.  Clauses of purpose; clauses of reason

28.  Types of adverbs



1.     Family

2.     Appearance and character

3.     The body

4.     Personal things

5.     Houses and buildings

6.     Clothes

7.     Shopping

8.     Food & drink, places to eat

9.     Weather

10.  The time

11.  Activities

12.  Sports

13.  School, education

14.  Jobs

15.  Countries and nationalities

16.  Animals

17.  Myths, legends, heroes/ Films, music

18.  Transport

19.  Nature, natural phenomena , accidents & disasters

20.  Mental & physical health, injuries

21.  Lifestyles (the city & the country, way of life, birthplace)

22.  Holidays

23.  The environment

24.  Dreams & reality

25.  Technology

26.  Space




1.     Articles

2.     Countable & Uncountable nouns; Quantifiers

3.     Adjectives: types, order, comparison of adjectives & adverbs

4.     Present Simple/Present Continuous

5.     Past simple/Past Continuous

6.     Used to, Would, Be used to, Get used to

7.     Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Continuous;For, since, lately, already, yet…

8.     Past Perfect Simple & Past Perfect Continuous

9.     Future- Future Simple, Be going to, Future Continuous & Future Perfect Simple

10.           Modal verbs

11.           Gerunds & Infinitives

12.           Question Tags

13.           Passive voice

14.           Reported Speech

15.           Conditionals: Zero, First, Second, Third, Mixed Conditionals

16.           Relative clauses: defining & non-defining





1.     Personalities, talking about yourself, expressing likes & dislikes

2.     Talking about stress

3.     Talking about technology

4.     Talking about history

5.     Talking about the natural world

6.     Talking about the media

7.     Talking about work and ambitions

8.     Talking about holidays



1.     Informal letter/email /using idioms & phrasal verbs, using quantifiers /

2.     a formal email /clauses of reason & contrast, greeting & signing off, giving opinion & feedback/



3.     a story

/using adjectives and adverbs, describing mysteries, planning your story, sequencing events /

4.     an article

/ using descriptive adjectives, idiomatic expressions, using interesting language/

5.     an opinion essay

/presenting arguments in essays, ending with a conclusion/

6.     a review

/ supporting your arguments, planning your review, useful adjectives /

7.     a report

/presenting factual information, using linking words/



по английски език

за 10 клас

езикова паралелка




1.      Present Simple/ Present continuous

2.      Present perfect Simple/ present Perfect Continuous

3.      Past Simple & Past continuous

4.      Used to & Would

5.      Past Simple vs. Present perfect Simple

6.      Future forms

7.      Countable & uncountable nouns/ quantifiers

8.      Modals & Semi-modals

9.      Gerunds/ Infinitives

10.Indirect questions/ Question tags/ Negative Questions

11.Passive Voice: Tenses, Gerunds, Infinitives, Modals


13.Conditionals: Zero, First, Second, Third

14.Mixed conditionals/ Conditionals without if

15.Relative clauses

16.Participle clauses

17.Reported statements/questions/commands/ requests

18.Comparing of adjectives and adverbs

19.Gradable and non-gradable adjectives/ adjective order

20.Unreal past: wish&if only/Had better/It’s (about/high) time

21.Would prefer/ Prefer&would rather /Be used to & Get used to/ Inversion




1.      Feelings/ comparing/similarities & differences

2.      Culture-related words/ countries/ adjective forms

3.       Cultures and lifestyles/ decision making

4.      Celebrities/ problem solving/giving advice/ advantages/

5.      Urban and rural areas/Decision making/ agreeing/ disagreeing

6.      Modern technology/comparing photos/ organizing ideas

7.      Hobbies/ free-time activities/justifying decisions

8.      Comparing photos, linking ideas

9.      Environment/ genetically modified food

10.Employment/problem solving/ giving advice

11.Schools/ subjects/ education & skills.


13.Tourism/comparing photos

14.  Health care/fitness facilities/ Health& well-being



за 10 клас

паралелки с английски 

като втори чужд език




22.Present Simple and Present Continuous

23.Gerunds: verb+ing forms

24.Modals for rules

25.Comparatives and superlatives; as...as / not as...as

26.Past Simple and Continuous Tenses

27.Countable and uncountable nouns


29.Articles: /the, a/an/,  no article

30.Future forms: be going to / will / Present Continuous

31. Prepositions of place and movement

32. The Present Perfect Simple

33. Defining relative clauses

34. Conditional sentences: Zero, First, Second conditional

35. Passives: Present and Past Simple; by+ agent

36. Past Perfect Simple

37. Subject and object questions

38. -ing/-ed adjectives

39. Used to

40. Reported speech

41. Used to / reported speech

42. Any-, every-, no-, some-,and -one, -body, -thing, -where

  1.  Will/ might




15.Talking about illnesses

16.Your current life

17.Opinions about sport

18.Explaining the rules of a competition

19.Transport you use

20.Telling a story

21.Opinion on recycling

22.Life-changing decisions

23.Giving directions

24.A holiday or journey you remember

25.Planning the holiday of a lifetime

  1. Promoting your region


English literature-grade 11

1.     EnglishRenaissance; understanding poetry;sonnet structure,

William Shakespeare, Sonnets.


2.     ElizabethanTheatre; Jacobean Period; Romeo and Juliet -understanding drama; soliloquy; poeticimagery; stages of plotShakespearein the contemporary culture.



3.     Decadence; LateVictorian Period- understanding comedy; satire; pun; epigram; ambiguity; homophobic society. OscarWilde, The Importanceof Being Earnest


    4    English Romanticism; English social reform movement;Ballad, ode, rhyming,       

-         William Blake, TheTyger”

          -   Samuel Coleridge,The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”;

-         John Keats, Bright Star”; LordByron, So, We'll Go No Morea- Roving

-         P. B. Shelley, Odeto the West Wind


       5.Gothicstories; folklore and oral tradition- Washington Irving,The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”;  Tim Burtons film Sleepy Hollow


     6.  American holidays: Thanksgiving, Halloween


       7.  Detective stories; cryptographers; crime andcrime investigation- EdgarAllan Poe, 


     8.  Detective novel;mysterynovel; deduction; deductive reasoning-

         - ArthurConan Doyle, The Houndof theBaskervilles; 

         - the series Sherlock”on BBCOne


     9. Regency Period; womens role in society; landedgentry; novel ofmanners; social comedyironyandsatire; narrative/point ofview- EmilyBrontë, Wuthering Heights;


     10. Romance andthenovel; Puritanism; social ostracism; moral values and norms of behaviorNathanielHawthorne, The Scarlet Letter


     11. Sentimentalism in literature;slave narratives;Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin


      12. Childhood and growing-up; abolutionism; the GildedAge in theUSA;Mark Twain, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


      13. Victorian Period; Industrial Revolution; Bildungsroman; caricature; symbolic meaning - Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


Book: LitUps –part 1 - Prosveta




Конспект по английски език 12 клас – писмен


Учебник Upstream Advanced






1. Gerund and infinitive


2. The present; stative verbs


3. The past; used to and would


4. The passive; the causative


5. The future


6. Conditionals and wishes




8. Modal verbs


9. Relatives


10. Reported speech and reporting verbs


11. Articles




Конспект по английски език 12 класустен




1. Comparing and contrasting pictures


2. The key to success


3. Escape artists


4. Growing concerns


5. Our changing world


6. Dream jobs


7. The most important things which make us feel happy


8. Fit for life


9. Live and learn


10. The image business


11. Shop around



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